Friday, May 25, 2012

Forever Friday: Love can be found in the Wal-Mart parking lot!

Jessica and Chris Woolery
Story told by Mr. Woolery

It was Sunday, June 14, 2009. I had just purchased my first home and was heading out to stock my fridge for the first time. As I walked into Wal-Mart, I quickly noticed a gorgeous woman in a sundress examining a head of lettuce. Without knowing what to say in the produce section of Wal-Mart, I simply went about my shopping. Throughout the rest of my trip, we passed each other a few times and made brief eye contact, but without saying a word. After checking out, I walked out to the parking lot, glanced back and there she was, walking down the same row of cars. We unloaded our groceries and were headed to the cart return – destined to arrive at the same time. As I was preparing for what I would say, an elderly man approached her only to ask, “Ma’am, may I return your cart for you?” After returning my cart alone, I walked back to my car and began rummaging through the trunk, hoping she would take the longer route out of the parking lot and pass by my car. I glanced her way and she was doing exactly that. As she approached, I garnered all of my courage and with a slight wave said, “Hey.”

Immediately after, she began laughing hysterically, but pulled into a parking space only ten spots away. I approached her and introduced myself, trying to ease my nerves the entire time. After speaking for a few minutes, we realized that I had been at a wedding a few weeks prior that she was invited to, but was unable to attend. I then proceeded to ask for her number, but realized that my phone was in my car. I rushed to get it and returned only to find out that the buttons on my phone were mysteriously not working. I asked if she would take my number and give me a call, but her phone was out of battery. Doing the only thing we could, she pulled a used Post-It note from her car and wrote her name and number on the back. I returned to my car extremely happy and began to pull out of the parking lot when a gust of wind blew through the car, lifting the Post-It right out of the window. I immediately stopped and after some hesitation, put my car in park, stepped out onto the street, and proceeded to stop two oncoming cars as I rushed to grab the note. I called her that night. We went on a date (which is a whole other story) and two years later we got engaged. Oh, and yes, I still have the Post-It note.

Tim Davis Photography

Venue: Abode Venue
Caterer: Bella Luna
Cake: WOW Cakes
DJ/Band: Big Fat Fun
Make-Up: Karla Schmidt
Hair: Katie Leaf and Emilee McCoskey
Photographer: Tim Davis Photography
Planner: Ashley Moore with Events by Ashley

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What’s in Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Every wedding is different, but each wedding demands the same amount of attention to detail as does the largest, most detailed wedding out there. Part of wedding detail is to be fully prepared for the “what ifs”. I have compiled a list of “musts” for your emergency kit; for not only the bride, but for every member of the wedding party. Take a minute to look inside what we carry in our Events By Ashley emergency kit. You may be surprised at what we keep tucked away, but you will be even more surprised by how often we/you will use the special things inside! It never hurts to be well prepared!

1.      Lint roller
2.      Band aids
3.      Deodorant and lotion
4.      Tylenol or Advil…Midol
5.      Bobby pins
6.      White duck tape (this is used more that you can imagine)
7.      Tampons and pads
8.      Kleenex
9.      Clear fingernail polish and nail file
10.   hairspray
11.   Hand held fan
12.   Phone charger
13.   Lip gloss or lip stick
14.   Sewing kit
15.   Scissors
16.   Fishing wire
17.   Bottled wire
18.   Tape measure
19.   Makeup
20.   Back up CDs with any music being used for ceremony
21.   White Chalk for covering stains
22.   Small mirror
23.   Writing pens
24.   Batteries for cameras, etc…
25.   A list of all your wedding vendors