Friday, May 25, 2012

Forever Friday: Love can be found in the Wal-Mart parking lot!

Jessica and Chris Woolery
Story told by Mr. Woolery

It was Sunday, June 14, 2009. I had just purchased my first home and was heading out to stock my fridge for the first time. As I walked into Wal-Mart, I quickly noticed a gorgeous woman in a sundress examining a head of lettuce. Without knowing what to say in the produce section of Wal-Mart, I simply went about my shopping. Throughout the rest of my trip, we passed each other a few times and made brief eye contact, but without saying a word. After checking out, I walked out to the parking lot, glanced back and there she was, walking down the same row of cars. We unloaded our groceries and were headed to the cart return – destined to arrive at the same time. As I was preparing for what I would say, an elderly man approached her only to ask, “Ma’am, may I return your cart for you?” After returning my cart alone, I walked back to my car and began rummaging through the trunk, hoping she would take the longer route out of the parking lot and pass by my car. I glanced her way and she was doing exactly that. As she approached, I garnered all of my courage and with a slight wave said, “Hey.”

Immediately after, she began laughing hysterically, but pulled into a parking space only ten spots away. I approached her and introduced myself, trying to ease my nerves the entire time. After speaking for a few minutes, we realized that I had been at a wedding a few weeks prior that she was invited to, but was unable to attend. I then proceeded to ask for her number, but realized that my phone was in my car. I rushed to get it and returned only to find out that the buttons on my phone were mysteriously not working. I asked if she would take my number and give me a call, but her phone was out of battery. Doing the only thing we could, she pulled a used Post-It note from her car and wrote her name and number on the back. I returned to my car extremely happy and began to pull out of the parking lot when a gust of wind blew through the car, lifting the Post-It right out of the window. I immediately stopped and after some hesitation, put my car in park, stepped out onto the street, and proceeded to stop two oncoming cars as I rushed to grab the note. I called her that night. We went on a date (which is a whole other story) and two years later we got engaged. Oh, and yes, I still have the Post-It note.

Tim Davis Photography

Venue: Abode Venue
Caterer: Bella Luna
Cake: WOW Cakes
DJ/Band: Big Fat Fun
Make-Up: Karla Schmidt
Hair: Katie Leaf and Emilee McCoskey
Photographer: Tim Davis Photography
Planner: Ashley Moore with Events by Ashley

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