Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Christmas Proposal
Amy Lucas and Christian Hallberg
Their Story told by Amy:
Christian was away at school and was coming home for Christmas break. He promised me a date that Saturday of dinner and a movie. I was so excited since I hadn't seen him in weeks. On a side note, my mom told me she had won a helicopter flight to look at Christmas lights. My mom wins random things all the time from B.98 fm so I totally believed this sneaky little lie. She told me that she and my dad were going to go on the helicopter flight that Saturday night. I was slightly jealous, but the fact that I had a hot date of my own that night overcame my jealousy!
It was Saturday morning and my mom, being a fabulous actress came upstairs nearly in tears. She said she was too scared to take the helicopter flight and asked if Christian and I would want to take it. (Her dad almost died in a helicopter accident so I was naïve and totally believed her fear). Christian was expecting my phone call and knew that I would ask if he didn't mind if we took a helicopter flight instead of going to our movie as planned. He acted a little disappointed that our plans were being changed but he agreed to go! Little did I know that when I called he was picking up the ring!
I spent the whole afternoon at Christians house just hanging out while
his awesome friends were just up the street at Buffalo park setting up the Christmas lights. I had no idea that 300 yards away, they were assisting in this marvelous surprise by creating 8 ft tall letters big enough to see from the sky.
We finally went to dinner and then set out for the Helicopter light tour. We got there and all of the helicopter pilots and everyone played along. When we arrived they said, "Oh you must be the radio winner!" They had me completely fooled. Christian was acting a little nervous and I thought maybe it was because he had never flown before. We finally got up in the sky and flew over some beautiful light displays when I noticed how close we were to Christian's house. I made a comment about how Christian lived like right beneath us and the helicopter pilot pointed
out that we were over buffalo park.
 Christian leaned over and asked me to look out the window. In giant letters I saw "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" My first thought was, "Aww someone is proposing! How precious!" Then Christian held out a beautiful ring and said, "Amy, will you marry me?" I sat in unbelief as I stared out the window at the most perfect light display I'd ever seen. I kept saying, you are joking! Is this for real? I finally said yes as the helicopter pilots began to laugh at my reaction.
I was still in shock when we landed and I began to cry once we got to our car. We drove to the park to see the lights and hard work his friends had done to make our engagement a success. I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for a better engagement story. And best of all, I get to marry the man of my dreams!
The couple will be married in just 10 days!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gift Idea for the Men in Our Lives
If you are like me, coming up with gifts for the men in my life is extremely difficult. I want to get them something special, but the things I think of most often, are meaningless or something they could go out and buy on their own. What about for the men in a bridal party? You could get them the ever popular flask that they probably have several of already, or what about cuff links that they will never wear again. Well, I think I found the cure for what I felt was my incurable male gifting gene.
Let me introduce you to:
From the Creators:
"Ever stop and think about the way things used to be? Things as simple as a shave used to be a special occasion, and often happened at an official Barber Shop. We did a lot of reflecting on the vintage style shave, then looked around at the supermarket and realized that none of the products we saw on the shelves had that same special feeling. With a little creative ingenuity, Badger Lather was born! Our unique shaving products break the mold of what has become “normal” for shaving."
 Each Badger Lather scent is all-natural and specifically selected to represent the classic shaving experience of the past. Listed below are the scents that are available.
Rich Mahogany:
Deep, sophisticated scent has notes of Italian Bergamot and Apple Wood to round out the darker, more sensuous Patchouli, Cedarwood and Oakmoss. Also has notes of Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon and Allspice.
Old World Spice: Blend of multiple spices including Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Caraway Seed softened with notes of Myrrh, Orange, and Vanilla. The perfect balance of spice, warmth, and sweetness.
Bay Rum: A warm blend of multiple spices including Cloves, Allspice, Capers, Nutmeg, and Orange.
Sandalwood: Woodsy and manly.
Beau Badger: Classic sent reminiscent of a Gentlemen's Club from the 1800s. This scent has dominate notes of Black tea and sweet Tobacco leaves along with hints of fruit.
Peppermint Rosemary: Sweet smelling Peppermint with a brisk cooling effect combined with the herbaceous, stimulating scent of Rosemary.
Peppermint Cedarwood: Earthy, woodsy scent with a burst of mint.
Lavender: Calmingly sweet and soft.
Fresh Energy: Stimulating blend of Citrus with hints of fresh Cucumber and Jasmine combined with a touch of Pineapple, Blackberry and Champagne.
Every man shaves; unless you are a mountain man, but none-the-less, this is something they need and that is practical, but unique. I LOVE this HANDMADE product and feel that you will too. This would truly be a special, reusable gift for the groomsmen in your wedding party! There are several different packages and scents you can choose from that best fit your budget and personalities of the guys in your wedding party, or perhaps your father or brother.
The Dashing Badger (Soap/bowl, brush, pre-shave, aftershave) $55
The Dapper Badger (Soap/bowl, brush, either pre- or aftershave) $50
Snazzy Badger (Soap/bowl, brush) $40
Mini Dashing (Soap/bowl, pre-shave, aftershave) $35
Mini Dapper (Soap/bowl, either pre- or aftershave) $25
Brush $35
Shaving Set (razor/brush) $135

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