Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project White

Do you have a wedding gown that is just collecting dust or taking up space in your closet that you want to get rid of or sell? Are you wondering what you will do with your gown after your wedding this year? Would you ever consider donating your dress to someone who may be experiencing financial hardships and is not able to buy their dream wedding gown? “Project White” is an organization that is trying to make those dreams come true for some brides.

Through the inspiration of two friends and one dress, Project White was created in hopes that it would bring a smile to a woman's face that may be experiencing financial adversity. With the possibility of little or no income, the goal of Project White is to not only provide an atmosphere where the women can try on these dresses, but where they can choose their dream wedding dress for no cost. This is made possible by the countless number of donations made by other women and dress shops who understand the importance of the "Dream Dress", for that one and only special wedding day.
"The Dress" that was the inspiration for Project White
The brides who are interested in the project, must fill out an application and show two forms of identification as well as provide a current pay stub or proof of unemployment. “Project White” does not want people to take advantage of the goodness of others or local bridal shops, so the process is extensive.
Bridesmaids dresses, while not the focus of Project White, have/can be donated as well. They will be sold for $25.00 a dress and this money will go to help pay for overhead costs, such as dry cleaning.

New Wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are being donated weekly. Please check in every other week for updated pictures of the newest donations!

If you are interested in donating your dress to Project White or know someone that is in need of a wedding dress, check out Project White facebook page for more information or contact Ashley Moore at: or 316-990-8262.