Monday, December 29, 2014

Our favorite moments from 2014!

2014 was filled with some of the most memorable events, learning experiences and some of the most beautiful events we have been able to be a part of in our career. We have added new staff, many new clients, we joined the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, joined the We had the great honor of providing decor for the Annual meeting feature Condolezza Rice and even update our logo thanks to Tessa Konen, owner of The Royal Script. were nominated for the Small Business Award this winter after going through one of the busiest Fall seasons yet! We are so thankful to have gained more fans/supporters who have encouraged us and promoted our work along the way.

While 2014 was amazing in so many ways, we did encounter some road blocks that allowed for some great opportunities for growth. We have a strong team and without them we could not have made it through  our Fall season. An emergency back surgery for me(Ashley), would not have even been possible without the leadership, patience and organizational skills of Aharon Hoopes. We learned a lot about what we were capable of in those two months and mostly how to handle difficult situations under immense pressure.
Aharon Hoopes-Lead Coordinator and EBA Manager
I am exceptionally thankful for a year to learn and make ourselves better for our clients and vendors. What a blessing it has been to produce over 40 events and know that in most of those events we have done, we had exceptionally pleased clients. We do everything we can to ensure that each and every event goes as smooth as possible!

The EBA team is looking forward to an even better 2015; serving some of the sweetest clients yet, while growing in ways we didn't dream possible. We get to launch a special event that will take the wedding industry in Wichita and Kansas City to the next level!'s to 2015!!!! To all of the adventure ahead of us, all the ways we will be challenged to grow and to the dear people we will have the honor of working with to ensure the best memories possible!

We are also pretty excited that one of our favorite colors(Note our logo!:) is the color of the year....MARSALA! Make sure you check us out at the January Bridal Show for some gorgeous inspiration.
So without further hesitation, here are some of our favorite pictures from our events this past year!

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