Friday, February 19, 2016

Events and Design by Ashley introduce our guest blogger...Katrina Larcade!

We have a Guest Blogger this month! 
Meet Katrina Larcade our High School Intern! 
Here are her thoughts about wedding trends for 2016...
As we roll into 2016, we will begin to see the most beautiful wedding trends of all time. This is the year we bring out the sparkle and glam with a unique touch. From the wedding dress all the way down to the color scheme, it all ties down to your special moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. Here are many loved details that you can expect for our 2016 weddings trends!

  • The long sleeved wedding gowns are finally in! With the lace arms topping off these beautiful dresses, it gives you the romantic and vintage vibe that you have always been searching for.
  • Cream-colored bridesmaid dresses are a go-to for many elegant weddings. This trend puts forward subtle beauty and adds great texture to the wedding party!
  • Some brides are tossing the traditional veil and adding a floral headpiece to their look. It adds a perfect piece of natural beauty and is a huge trend for outdoor or rustic weddings! This piece will look stunning with any type of hair design you may be craving!
  • Monochromatic color schemes are one of the biggest trends in 2016. Brides are finding that less is more- and all you need is one color- in a variety of shades! Try mixing up the centerpieces with a tone-on-tone explosion. Having a few different shades will create a gorgeous ombre effect at every angle.
  • Ambience is the key to setting a romantic and intimate environment for your wedding. Both vintage and modern chandeliers with Edison bulbs will make this the perfect feeling that you have wished for.
  • Fondness for fonts is your way to go! Having a delicate variety of fonts on your invitations will send out a fresh personality! Warm tones like rose gold and copper are the highest hit right now for 2016. From a simple stamp on the wedding invitation to a polished centerpiece, they have a unique way of expressing a feeling of comfort!

This is our time to express beauty and art into a visual effect for everyone to absorb. 2016 brides want the glitter, sparkle and glam to show off their beautiful glow on their wedding day! This is the year we want to make the best for you and the love of your life!

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