Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Palette fun with one of the 
HOTTEST palettes
for the Spring and Summer
2013 Wedding Season!
  There are many variations...but Mint greens and Corals are what we are seeing lots of this
next spring and summer!




Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Symbolic Wreath Ceremony
"Use as an alternative to the unity candle, sand pouring or even your bridal bouquet!"
One of our brides this early fall got married in the Dominican Republic with a small group of people that included family and friends. Upon their return, they had prepared a great reception for their family and friends that were unable to attend the D.R. wedding. As a result, the bride wanted to make those guests feel that they were a part of the actual wedding ceremony, so we planned for them to have a mini ceremony in front of their guests at their celebration reception.
The bride spent much time trying to come up with something that would signify their union that took place in the D.R. and came across a "Symbolic Wreath" ceremony online. I encouraged her to take it a step further and use the wreath as her "bouquet" instead of a floral bouquet. We also determined prior to their departure to the Domincan that the bride and groom would each choose something while there, that they felt signified their love for each other. They would then bring back their little tokens and that is what they would pin to the wreath during that portion of the little ceremony back in the states. I was very excited to see what they brought back....the groom had written the bride a very special note while in the D.R. and the bride brought back a rose from her bridal bouquet she carried at her beach ceremony in the Dominican.
The bride and the wreath arrived to the ceremony in style! The bride purchased an ol' truck that the groom had been wanting as a surprise to him. After months of planning, worrying and wondering if it would all be pulled off, the groom was especially surprised and definitely taken back by the sweet arrival of his bride and new truck. I tied the wreath to the front of the truck and the bride's father drove the truck with the bride in the passenger seat to where the groom was waiting. It was a wonderful moment for not only the bride's father, bride and groom, but also for me to see it all come together so perfectly!
I have to say, that this entire project turned out GREAT. The wreath was very special, not only for the couple but for the guests as they were able to feel just a little part of their D.R. ceremony. Pastor Aaron Wallace officiated the mini ceremony that was held at Cowtown, in Wichita.
 I love D.I.Y. projects and offered to make the wreath for the couple. We made a bunch of pinwheels and paper fans as part of the reception decor as the bride wanted to incorporate some aspects of the summery, beach theme, and so I incorporated those elements as well as some of the other table centerpiece elements we used, into the wreath. I loved how it turned out and I have to say it will be one of the most special projects I have had the pleasure of making as this is something they will hang on to for a lifetime.
I've included some pictures of the centerpieces that I put together as well, so you can see how we incorporated  some of those elements into the wreath! The entire reception was stunning and so many people worked very hard for it to turn out just perfect for the bride and groom!
 What an honor it was to be a part of this special celebration! Congratulations to you Chris and RaeAnn! May you be blessed in your marriage for years to come!