Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Couture Wedding Trends

Guest Blog Post By Krystel Tien
Owner of Couture Events
from San Diego, California
We are completely honored to have a guest blog post by Krystel! We had the honor of meeting her on a recent trip to San Diego to check out The Not Wedding!
About Krystel: 
"I am a professional stylist, designer, and coordinator. I adore all things vintage, lacey, whimsical, & chic. I believe that each event should be something spectacular! I encourage all of our clients to make their event a reflection of themselves… it’s all in the details, those little personal touches that make the event so special!"
Written by: Krystel Tien
As we start the 2013 wedding season, we say hello to fresh and innovative ideas that every bride can’t wait to unveil! Entering into this new year, we have been seeking out the most popular wedding trends for 2013. I’m sure many would agree, that each bride is on the hunt to crafting their very own unique wedding day; while adding their own personal touch to the latest trends. From the red carpet to the runway, the Oscars to the SAGs, all are incorporating the latest colors, patterns and style, capturing every bride’s attention.

#1. Irresistible Color:

The color GREEN is escalading throughout the entire wedding scene for 2013. Two of the shades that will rise in popularity this year are the pantone color of the year, EMERALD, and what we believe to be the wedding color of the year MINT. Brides, designers and wedding planners would all agree that this will be a staple color for weddings this year. Such a refreshing color, this can easily be integrated throughout the entire wedding while complementing the rest of the brides color palette. This splash of color can be integrated in bridesmaid dresses, decorations, invitations, flowers, and cakes. With that in mind, we’ve woven together some of our favorite collections of the “mint & emerald” must haves.
Mint Photo credit:

#2. GOLD Gowns:

Glitz and Glam, Gold is BACK and it’s being put on instead of a WHITE dress… who needs white when you can GLOW in GOLD! Some of our favorite designers who are making this dress are:
Gown above by Sarah Seven
golden gowns
Gowns above by BHLDN


Gown above by :Monique Lhullier

#3. 1920′s Style:
With The Great Gatsby coming out this year the 1920′s are sure to be back in style. From the dresses to the decor, weddings are going to be dressed from head to toe in 1920′s style. Whether you theme your entire wedding 1920′s or just use touches of this amazing era it’s sure to be a hit.

#4. Less is MORE!
This year in client meetings I have heard over and over again, I don’t want our wedding to be KITCHY! haha… but Kitchy means something different to everyone! We also hear that they don’t want it to be pinteresty but yet each bride who says this has a pinterest board for their wedding. We have decided that what they mean is that they want less DIY and less STUFF. Last year it was all about the props, the vintage pieces, DIY signs, more items. This year we are getting back to beautiful basics to create an elegant look. The basics have just become more exquisite- sequin or textured linens, prettier flower arrangements, and lots of candles. Less stuff but more beautiful in the basics and a cleaner more sophisticated look.
lessismore#5. Capturing Every Moment:
As a bride, you put so much time and effort into making everything picture perfect, you get down to the finest details. This is the day that you will remember for the rest of your life. What better way to capture it through all of your guest’s eyes. Now, multiple iPhone and android apps have been created so that your loved ones and friends can capture all of their silly moments on your special day! There are multiple options when creating an account and it only takes a few minutes for them to last a lifetime!
Instagram_Wedding_Title ST_Instagram_Your_Wedding_1
This beautiful chalkboard frame above is from Something Turquoise who we recently had the pleasure of meeting at the NotWedding LA ! XO
Couture Events lovely team!
XOXO, Krystel
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