Monday, December 26, 2011

To Be or To Not Be....Unique?!

Throughout this past week, I have been so excited to see all the engagements and all of the smiles, happy tears, and that little symbol of love, "the ring". Here in just a few short weeks, Century II will be hosting the annual bridal show. There, those that have gotten engaged over the holidays will be able to see, taste, hear and personally meet many of the wedding industry vendors.
As the excitement of planning begins, one important aspect of the planning process for the bride is of course, her once in a life time dress, but also, what her bridesmaids will wear. After seeing the struggle brides have with comfortably fitting each one of their bridemaids in the perfect dress that represents both the brides style and flatters the one wearing it, I have decided that this is something that should have its own little tutorial!

As brides we feel we are confined within a box. This is not true at all!! A wedding should reflect the personalities and style of the bride and groom. Choose things that represent your courtship, how you met, things you have in common with one another. Make is personal and present just who you are as a couple to your friends and family who celebrate with you. With that being said, step outside the norm for bridesmaids dresses! Here are a few examples........

Ladies, it is in my opinion that as long as the color of the dress coodinates with the colors of your wedding, you can mix and match! Each of the dresses pictured above is flattering on each of the girls and still represents the style of the bride and wedding celebration. The "mix and match" dress style also could help if your bridemaids are out of town, etc. You can send them a little swatch of fabric in several different colors and ask them to find a dress that coodinates. You can specify, long, short, mid calf, etc. and let them do the rest so that they are comfortable and you are happy!
This dress, worn by our very own Aimee' Schumacher at her sister's wedding, was purchased from Antropologie. You can find some great dresses for your bridesmaids at bridal shops, but also at your favorite clothing stores, or department stores. Some brides shop the sale racks right after the new year, or mid summer, depending on  your wedding date, to find the best deal.
Now, don't get me wrong, if you want all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, you can still pull off something unique and special! The dresses above were purchased from the local Maurices. Some of them were altered just a bit to fit perfectly on each attendant.
Most brides will say it at some point while they are shopping for bridesmaids dresses: "I want to get a dress that they can wear again in the future." If that is truly the case, make sure that you choose a dress that will both flatter and excite not only you, but your special attendant!!
Again, step outside the box and do something different that will make a statement about you and your wedding party and celebration! Happy planning!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Over the mantel and through the woods...

Guest Blog post: By Lauren Johnson
We are very excited to introduce you to Lauren Johnson! Her creativity and design expertise prompted her to start her own interior design company. Since part of Events By Ashley is designing, we fell in love with Lauren's style and desire to make beautiful things out of ashes. She has been featured on Channel 12 "Design Time" and has a lot of inspiration over at her Three Pink Dots blog. Make sure you check out her blog for great ideas for holiday decor, event, and house decor.
Hi there, Events By Ashley readers! First of all, I want to thank Ashley for having me over, I always love a good inspiration day. Today I'm reviewing my top five mantel pictures that will hopefully inspire some of you to create your own mantel madness. Come on over to my blog Three Pink Dots and send me pics of your creation for Christmas! Here's a few Friday photos to get you kickin.

 LOVE this whimsical design here. Boxwood wreath, beautiful mirror, staffordshire dog with a little adornment...
Love the traditional red and green. Thee wreaths look like they are made of compacted carnations. Affordable if you are going to use many many flowers.
 Beautiful colors, if not creating this... use as a color palate inspiration!
 Last, but defiantly not least... my favorite. The overwhelming mantel of Christmas ornaments. I will have this in my house one day.
All photos via Pinterest

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

D.I.Y. Love Monday's! Picture Tutorial

This Candy bowl will make a great gift for any occasion or a fun craft for kids of any age to do at a party or special event. Each one costs about $8-$10. Gather the items needed to make this special, unique gift and go to town!!
You will need acrylic paint, foam brush, hot glue gun, scissors, flower pot and saucer, wooden knob, glass bowl, your choice of decorations.
Paint the outside of the flower pot, the top and bottom of the saucer, and the wooden knob. Let them dry for 2 hours and then you can add your decorations.
Glue the wooden knob to the bottom of the saucer, and then glue the glass vase to the bottom of the flower pot. On the inside of the saucer; the side that will be making contact with the glass bowl, glue some fabric or cotton to keep the glass bowl from chipping when lid is placed on.