Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What’s in Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Every wedding is different, but each wedding demands the same amount of attention to detail as does the largest, most detailed wedding out there. Part of wedding detail is to be fully prepared for the “what ifs”. I have compiled a list of “musts” for your emergency kit; for not only the bride, but for every member of the wedding party. Take a minute to look inside what we carry in our Events By Ashley emergency kit. You may be surprised at what we keep tucked away, but you will be even more surprised by how often we/you will use the special things inside! It never hurts to be well prepared!

1.      Lint roller
2.      Band aids
3.      Deodorant and lotion
4.      Tylenol or Advil…Midol
5.      Bobby pins
6.      White duck tape (this is used more that you can imagine)
7.      Tampons and pads
8.      Kleenex
9.      Clear fingernail polish and nail file
10.   hairspray
11.   Hand held fan
12.   Phone charger
13.   Lip gloss or lip stick
14.   Sewing kit
15.   Scissors
16.   Fishing wire
17.   Bottled wire
18.   Tape measure
19.   Makeup
20.   Back up CDs with any music being used for ceremony
21.   White Chalk for covering stains
22.   Small mirror
23.   Writing pens
24.   Batteries for cameras, etc…
25.   A list of all your wedding vendors

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