Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Forever" Friday
Jeff and Noel Buller
As told by Bride Noel
Tim Davis Photography
Jeff and I met at 242 (a young adults group which we attended for years). I was on a 242 retreat one weekend and Joni, Jeff's sister, was there too. One of my friends turned to me and said, "Oh my gosh you have to meet Joni's brother, you two would be great together!" I just laughed and thought nothing of it. A few months later I am sitting next to that same friend at 242; she nudges my arm and says, "ohh my, turn around, Joni's brother Jeff is here!" I turned around and looked, then said back, "ehhhh.. he's not my type!" He was wearing a Hurley hat and Chuck Taylors which made me think he was a total punk kid.... I was wrong :) Soon enough we started hanging out with the same group of friends and getting to know each other. At that time I was taking two-stepping lessons with some friends when one Monday night guess who shows up? Jeff! This was his attempt at getting to know me better. That night I stayed late to help him with his two-stepping... That is where it all began. Jeff and I started dating shortly after; we were best friends and enjoyed nothing more then spending time together. We spent a great deal of time with each other’s family and went on many fun adventures together; everything was wonderful, but something didn’t feel 100% right.

 Jeff and I dated for about a year and a half when we decided to take a step away from our relationship and spend a greater amount of time seeking out the Lord to see what His will for us as individuals and as a couple was. This was literally one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life. Here we were, best friends and we loved each other dearly, but we decided to take a break. During this break we both immediately started individual counseling with Randy Storms to really look into the people that we were and how our pasts had influenced our lives. We spent three months actively pursuing the Lord and His will for our lives and our possible life together. Those three months were the toughest yet sweetest months I’ve ever experience. We only saw each other every Thursday night; we would sit in his truck and talk about our counseling that week and how the Lord was working in our hearts. It was so neat to have a front row seat to each other’s transforming hearts. As those three months passed by we started spending more time together and it finally became clear that what we desired so deeply, which was to be together, was also the Lord’s plan for us! How neat and how amazing that our God heard our cries, desires of our hearts, and answered our prayers! We began dating again just three months after we began our break and started counseling. Once we began dating again we knew this was it, we were committed, and we knew that we were being called to marriage.
Just a few short months after we began dating again, Jeff showed up at my house on a Friday morning and told me to pack a bag. He had already called into work for me. He whisked me away to California where he had an amazing weekend planned out for us. On Saturday evening, at sunset, he took me to a beach in Malibu where I had to climb huge rocks to make it to a secluded beach. On the beach, behind a rock, there was a blanket covered in seashells, candles, and pictures of us. He had written our love story on the back of these pictures from before we started dating until that very moment... He asked me to stand up; he proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and how thankful he was for all the work that God has done in our relationship.. He got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I didn't say yes.. I said OF COURSE! J Three and a half short months later we were married! June 1st, 2012 was the most incredible day of my life and I praise God for His work and His provision! I am so fortunate and richly blessed to have such an amazing husband and best friend in Jeff.
When I look back at our Love Story its easy for me to think, gosh, dating, taking time apart, then dating again? Really? That is not the love story that I dreamed about having when I was a little girl. But you know what? This was a story about the Lord, and the work that He can do. During those three months Jeff and I spent apart, God completely transformed our hearts and our love for each other and also for our hearts for Him. We are forever thankful! J
Tim Davis Photography
Tim Davis Photography

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Important Thing to Remember on Your Wedding Day!
Each new wedding or event is a chance to not only help make a difference in the way a wedding day/event runs, but also the chance to make a small difference in the lives of our clients. I could not be more aware of this opportunity or incredible responsibility I have been entrusted with. In the midst of a very busy fall season, I am overwhelmed by the clients we have been blessed with. My hope is that they leave their wedding or event feeling like they not only had the greatest celebration of their love, life, new business, etc, but they also know that we did our best to ensure that would happen. I could never take for granted the opportunity we have been given to make this possible. In the midst of planning a wedding/event, it can be very easy to lose focus of the end result. We want to encourage you during your planning process to continue dating and making efforts to continue discovering who each other are as individuals and then as a couple.

For weddings especially, this can be more difficult to remember during the planning process. The most important part of your day is the commitment made when "I Do" is said. If you took all the decor, food, or music away, all that is left standing is you and your significant other. Never lose sight that the "party" is just a continuation of your celebration of love that you want to share with those that are closest to you. The decor, food, music, what will  accentuate the party and that love you have for each other.
"Learning to communicate effectively, navigate family relationships, budget finances and adapt to constantly changing circumstances are all areas that an engaged couple may experience that, with a little extra attention, could help strengthen the marriage before it even happens." Here is a list of things you can do as a couple while in the planning process that will allow you the opportunity to focus on your relationship as well as the details that need to be decided for the wedding ceremony and reception.

1. First thing in planning a wedding is to come up with a Budget together over a nice dinner or fun picnic to help lighten the mood. This will truly help you avoid future confrontation.
2. Communication is key. Make sure you designate a date night that does not involve wedding planning! It is so important to keep dating!
3. Create a timeline or speedsheet to keep track of who is doing what and when. This will help when there is little time to communicate in between work and meetings with vendors.
4. Enlist the help of family and friends or even a Wedding Planner if it is in your budget. This will help carry the load of details that can creep up on you.
5. Premarital counseling is not only a great way to grow in areas that are needed as a couple, but will help address issues that you may not have thought of prior. This also can be a really special time for the couple.....go to dinner before or even after to discuss ways to put what you learned into practice.
6. Make sure that both have a great support system surrounding you! You want to be encouraged during the good times, but also during the stressful times! Make this a point to be surrounded by uplifting people who will hold you accountable!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Makeup 101
 Makeup Artist: Karla Schmidt
Soooo....Your big day is coming and you want to look like a glorious princess as you go to meet that Mr. Right down the aisle. Here are my thoughts on that.
Don't freak - this is a day to celebrate, not one to notice all your flaws and everything you aren't. Do the best you can and then let it go and enjoy this moment. The most beautiful woman is the one at peace with herself - not the one with the perfect face. See, beauty is something you possess just because you are a woman. It's yours already. Beauty is NOT something you create, it is something you express. It comes from who you are on the inside and displays itself on the outside. So if you REALLY want to be beautiful on your big day, find out who you are, what your beauty is, and then be ready to put in on full display!!
Once you've got all that deep inner self stuff nailed down (could take months, so start digging :)), it's time to figure out the makeup. Beauty can't be created, no, but it CAN be highlighted! The best makeup is a look that compliments and highlights your features - not one that competes with them. I LOVE dramatic looks. Bring on the glam, bring on the color!!! But bright blue shadow (my current fav) that works amazing on the town will draw attention to the shadow itself and not so much to your doe brown eyes. That doesn't mean you can't use color, it just means use enhancing color and not overpowering.
 Be yourself...with a little push. You want to look like you, and if you normally don't wear much makeup, this is not the day to suddenly go drama. If you aren't used to makeup and you decide to wear lots, you will feel self conscious, even if you look amazing. Either start wearing lots more makeup several weeks before you wedding to adjust to the feel, or keep it natural. But don't be afraid to try something different! If you want to stand out from your normal day look, a longer eyeliner or deeper lip color can do a whole lot more than you would think. A few extra layers of mascara can also add without overdoing. Practice and try new things. Check out makeup looks, get a friend to come help you, or set up an appointment with a makeup artist. The more practiced you are in the look, the more confidant you will feel in it.
 However...and this is a big HOWEVER...think about pictures. Pictures do not show your face nearly as clearly as you see in a mirror. Whatever look you feel comfortable in, deepen the color about 30% for the sake of pictures. You might feel a little off, but remember, you will be on stage and behind a camera most of the night and the lights will wash you out a lot more than you realize. If you need to, create your look, then take far away pictures to see how it turns out. Layer your colors a little at a time until you have the look showing up just perfect for the camera. 
Last but not least - consider a makeup artist. Most artists will do a trial run so you get the benefit of knowing exactly what you will look like in your white dress. Also, a MUA can bring an element of being pampered - why not let her worry about the stress of a makeup bag and making sure you have everything you could possibly need? Not to mention, many artists will travel to your location, so you can do everything in one place, and she will be more than happy to do your bridesmaid faces and any others in your party.

There is so much more I could go into, so I will simply bullet point a few more tips.

1. Waterproof. You're happy. You cry. He cries. Everybody cries.
2. Blend foundation/bronzer on the neck/shoulders as well. Face and body need to match colors.
3. Hair up or down can affect your makeup, so practice with what you want.
4. Don't panic about zits. Good concealer conceals. It's in the name.
5. Get lip stain. Lips complete your look and warn-off color won't show up in pics.
6. Consider the number of people if you get a MUA. If large enough with little time, you may need two.
7. You're already beautiful - time to show off!

For any further questions you can contact Karla at:
Karla Schmidt
Freelance Makeup Artist - Kansas City Metro