Wednesday, December 7, 2011

D.I.Y. Love Monday's! Picture Tutorial

This Candy bowl will make a great gift for any occasion or a fun craft for kids of any age to do at a party or special event. Each one costs about $8-$10. Gather the items needed to make this special, unique gift and go to town!!
You will need acrylic paint, foam brush, hot glue gun, scissors, flower pot and saucer, wooden knob, glass bowl, your choice of decorations.
Paint the outside of the flower pot, the top and bottom of the saucer, and the wooden knob. Let them dry for 2 hours and then you can add your decorations.
Glue the wooden knob to the bottom of the saucer, and then glue the glass vase to the bottom of the flower pot. On the inside of the saucer; the side that will be making contact with the glass bowl, glue some fabric or cotton to keep the glass bowl from chipping when lid is placed on.

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