Monday, November 21, 2011

What is Love?

I want to know what your definition of love is!!!!!
"Love" can mean any number of things. I am working on a project and am curious
what your definition of this word means!


  1. The glue behind the scenes that binds my world together when all I can see is it falling apart.

  2. What Is Love?
    Love is time. Time to learn, time to nourish and grow, time to forgive.
    Love is being able to see past all the pain and sorrow to see the hope and joy. Love has no limitations but true love is not given freely.
    Love is work. Work to learn, work to nourish and grow, work to forgive.
    Love is not ignorant to flaws but chooses to take those flaws and make something beautiful.
    Love is amazing!

    Ashley Olson

  3. Sharing, encouraging, being present for..all the things we do for each other are showing love. By the way I came over from Along for the ride where i read your post on writing a journal and wanted to say thanks for encouraging this important practice. I always have found it beneficial and my hubby does too. You just dont know who may benefit from it in the future also as personal histories and autobiographies have been a great learning/teaching tool in my own life.