Sunday, November 20, 2011

D.I.Y. Love Monday's!

Do you have a bunch of wine corks laying around or know someone who does?! I had a bunch left over from a previous event that were given to me by Xclusive Bartending to use. I let them sit around for a while and thought of different things I could do with them. There are many ideas on Pinterest, so this was one inspired by that very addicting website! If you want a monogram for your wedding decor, this inexpensive idea can add some personalization and eye candy for your guest!

          Things you will need:        
wine corks
card stock paper
hot glue gun
Decide on your letter and then I found that laying them out of the card stock before gluing will give you the ability to play with the shape, etc. Once you have decided how you want each cork to be placed, start hot gluing them to the card stock paper. After you have glued each one to the paper, place a dot of hot glue in between each cork. This will keep it from folding over. Once the glue has dried, cut around the shape of the corks. Glue twine to the back of the letter to use for hanging and then put your choice of flowers or other decor to give it some flare. Follow this link to Marigold Road to see how to make rolled rosettes to add to your letter.


  1. I have a ton of corks! Great idea!

  2. Cute! I've also seen corks been made into coasters so I thought that was what you were gonna do! :P

    Came here from alongfortheride!