Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Importance of a GREAT Wedding Film-The Brickhouse Films

Mary and Craig Beebe; owners of The Brickhouse Films are two of the most kind and patience people to work with. I have enjoyed getting to work with them on many weddings and look forward to continuing working along side them this year on several weddings and events. There was a day when wedding films were the last thing booked depending on budget when planning a wedding. Now, it has become one of the first things a bride and groom book.
Read Mary's post below to find out why! 
The Importance of a Great Wedding Film
Written by: Mary Beebe, cinematographer and editor at The Brickhouse Films
Until very recently, most couples considered wedding videography to be the least important part of their wedding day. It was something that they would "wait and see" if they had room for. Oh how the times have changed! There have been numerous blogs and articles written about how the number one regret brides have regarding their wedding day, is not hiring a videographer. Apparently the word has spread and couples are finally realizing the importance of having a beautiful wedding film! 

Why is a wedding film so important you ask? Well, it is a means of capturing the most momentous day, and what is essentially a split second, of your much longer love story. There is nothing that will preserve your memories more vividly than a wedding film. It will capture all the emotions of the day - the reactions, sounds, the little "I love yous" between camera flashes. A wedding is not just a single moment, but a live event.  Above all else, when the years pass by it is an amazing keepsake to share with your children and grandchildren! You can relive your day and share the memories in whole, not just snapshots, but the actual laughter, spoken vows, music and dancing. Take a look at one of our recent films:

Mischia + Sam from The Brickhouse Films on Vimeo.

The last five years has brought more changes to the video/film industry than anyone had thought possible. New technology has made it possible to provide not just a home movie look, but a wedding film look. The result is a very exciting time for wedding video! Everyone knows how much time, planning and money a wedding requires, so make sure to hire a professional wedding cinematographer so those memories can be preserved for a lifetime!
If you need more persuading, watch this film by Love 24fps, where real couples talk about the importance of a great wedding film! education | Why a wedding film is the best investment you'll make from Long Haul Films on Vimeo.


  1. This planning team is creative, organized, reliable, and such a pleasure to work with. We have become such special friends and I am sad the corporate event planning is over because I have enjoyed working with them so much.

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