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It's About the Signature Drink-Xclusive Event Services

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our contributing guest blogger today. Crystal McDonald is co-owner of Xclusive Event Services. She and her brother Cody Lathrop have changed the mobile bartending scene here in Wichita and surrounding areas! I am honored to work along side these two and their team of hard working, dedicated hosts. They love to serve others, and give of their time and talents to ensure that their clients and guest have an exceptional, safe celebration, meeting, or special event. The bar is more than just the alcohol, it's about the passionate people behind the bar, handing a guest their drink in a way that provides comfort and great service to those receiving.

It's all about the Signature Drink
written by: Crystal McDonald

When planning your big day what comes to mind?  From your dress to your entertainment to your venue there are a lot of details and planning that is involved. Being the bartender at literally thousands of weddings I gained great insight that some Brides/Grooms seem to the BAR!!!  
Its not just a bar anymore, its another important piece of the puzzle. The bar and what's being served is a small detail that can make a big impression. 

Being the bartender at these events allows me talk to guests in a manner that most involved don't get the opportunity to. Guests share things with us that they won't tell the Bride/Groom, planner, florist, caterer, DJ, or other vendors. People seem to just open up to the bartender like women do to their hair dresser!(might be the alcohol) but we hear the good, the bad and the ugly about these events, whether we want to or not.

So what do I hear? What do guests tell us? What do they say when they think nobody else is listening? 

I will tell you that more often than not, they never mention the ceremony, or the vows you spend days or weeks worrying about. They may not remember the amazing decorations you spent endless hours working on, or even the kind of cake they ate. All of those things are equally important in pulling off an exceptional event, but offering complimentary adult beverages of some kind will be something your guest will definitely not forget about.
Think back on any event/wedding you have been to and try to recall a few things about it.  It could be lots of stuff you remember, but I bet you remember if it had an open bar or if any drinks were served complimentary. 

While open bars can be pricey, there are ways to make it work on a budget.  Offering just Beer and wine and a signature cocktail or two is one way to scale back and is what we usually suggest to our clients.  A Signature cocktail is a fun and inexpensive way to not only please your guests but add another element of "unforgettable", personalization to your wedding.  
A few things to consider about signature cocktail(s):
  • Make sure its crowd pleasing.  Not everyone likes tequila or whiskey but most people will drink vodka or rum if mixed properly.  Or offer a "his" and "hers" cocktail to please them all.
  • it makes the bar line go quicker.  Providing less options or having a signature drink already ready to grab.
  • Have it match your color(s) or theme.
  • Serve them in fun glasses that they can take home so they will never forget the night.
  • And the most important... Make sure it represents your love story.  The wedding is an expression of you as a couple, as should be the signature cocktail!
We want to enhance the fun you can have with personalizing your signature cocktails.  Step out of the wedding norm and think for yourself!  What I mean is be unique, make it special, and do something that makes an impression.

We bartended a wedding that used Swedish fish tied to a straw to make it look like a fishing pole as the garnish.  The drink was called the "Salmon Slayer" and it had lots of personal connections to the bride and groom that most would know if you knew the bride/groom. 

At my reception we had a Margarita bar.  We were married in Mexico so thought it was only appropriate.  We had  a large variety of tequila, mixes, flavorings and garnishes that or guests could choose from.  Another fun option is a Vodka bar, same concept just with Vodka!

So all the above to say: let's have some fun, be creative. Add a fun, unique garnish, straw or stir stick. Add anything that could represent you as a couple and make the bar impressionable, because most people will remember this piece of the puzzle whether you think about it or not.

Here are some other fun cocktail ideas...  

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