Friday, November 1, 2013

Design By Ashley

Since I was a little girl I loved taking my momma's décor and moving it around the house to position it just right. I would sit on the floor in my bedroom and push my dresser with my legs because it was too heavy to push with my arms. My room was ALWAYS changing as I played around with the trinkets and such that adorned my little girl room. As a married adult, this still takes place; although it does not always thrill my dear husband.

For two and half years now, I have spent many hours designing and decorating for weddings, fundraisers, showers, etc. I am expanding my skills to help assist homeowners in decorating their homes to reflect those that dwell inside. I want to help create beauty and a place of comfort for all who live inside.

I would love the opportunity to provide such services for you and your family! Design by Ashley offers competitive prices. Please visit:

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