Monday, September 16, 2013

We need your VOTE!

Fall is around the corner!! It is our favorite season of the year with all the colors, smells, scarves, and holiday parties. One of our most anticipated parties; The Holiday Tables event, will be held November 6-9 at the Wichita Center for the Arts. This event raises money for the center.

"Originally founded as the Wichita Art Association in 1920, The Wichita Center for the Arts is the area's oldest and most comprehensive visual and performing arts organization. For more than 90 years the Center has made art and art education available to the citizens of Wichita and the surrounding communities. A privately funded organization, the Center generates tickets sales and tuition."

We look forward to Holiday Tables so that we can do what we love most; design. There are no rules, or guidelines we have to follow! We would like to enlist your help with the design of our table. Below we have decided on two Inspirations and need your vote to help us decide!

Black and Gold with Creme accents

Bright colors and black with accents of gold


  1. Love the first one! Holiday, Luxury and Glam :-)

  2. 1st or 3rd!... i'm leaning toward black gold and white!! so cute.

  3. bright colors and black with accents of gold!