Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Important Thing to Remember on Your Wedding Day!
Each new wedding or event is a chance to not only help make a difference in the way a wedding day/event runs, but also the chance to make a small difference in the lives of our clients. I could not be more aware of this opportunity or incredible responsibility I have been entrusted with. In the midst of a very busy fall season, I am overwhelmed by the clients we have been blessed with. My hope is that they leave their wedding or event feeling like they not only had the greatest celebration of their love, life, new business, etc, but they also know that we did our best to ensure that would happen. I could never take for granted the opportunity we have been given to make this possible. In the midst of planning a wedding/event, it can be very easy to lose focus of the end result. We want to encourage you during your planning process to continue dating and making efforts to continue discovering who each other are as individuals and then as a couple.

For weddings especially, this can be more difficult to remember during the planning process. The most important part of your day is the commitment made when "I Do" is said. If you took all the decor, food, or music away, all that is left standing is you and your significant other. Never lose sight that the "party" is just a continuation of your celebration of love that you want to share with those that are closest to you. The decor, food, music, etc....is what will  accentuate the party and that love you have for each other.
"Learning to communicate effectively, navigate family relationships, budget finances and adapt to constantly changing circumstances are all areas that an engaged couple may experience that, with a little extra attention, could help strengthen the marriage before it even happens." Here is a list of things you can do as a couple while in the planning process that will allow you the opportunity to focus on your relationship as well as the details that need to be decided for the wedding ceremony and reception.

1. First thing in planning a wedding is to come up with a Budget together over a nice dinner or fun picnic to help lighten the mood. This will truly help you avoid future confrontation.
2. Communication is key. Make sure you designate a date night that does not involve wedding planning! It is so important to keep dating!
3. Create a timeline or speedsheet to keep track of who is doing what and when. This will help when there is little time to communicate in between work and meetings with vendors.
4. Enlist the help of family and friends or even a Wedding Planner if it is in your budget. This will help carry the load of details that can creep up on you.
5. Premarital counseling is not only a great way to grow in areas that are needed as a couple, but will help address issues that you may not have thought of prior. This also can be a really special time for the couple.....go to dinner before or even after to discuss ways to put what you learned into practice.
6. Make sure that both have a great support system surrounding you! You want to be encouraged during the good times, but also during the stressful times! Make this a point to be surrounded by uplifting people who will hold you accountable!

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