Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Forever" Friday Love Story-Lauren and Bret

How we met:
Bret first saw me at a New Year's Eve Party in 2007, but we did not meet officially until I visited his Oxford House with a friend the next week. Bret immediately recognized me and was caught off guard still wearing his work clothes, laying on the couch. He proceeded to run upstairs and shower real quick, so that he was wearing something "fresh." Before leaving, we shook hands, but both left this time with a crush. It was only a few days later that our mutual friend, Jessica, played matchmaker and set us up to meet with a few more mutual friends along for the ride. And the rest is history....
After surviving the longest summer of our lives, Bret finally made it back to Kansas in late September 2009 after fighting wildfires on a Hotshot Crew in Colorado. While the topic of marriage had come up a time or two, Bret tricked me into thinking the engagement wouldn't happen for another year.

After picking the perfect ring and earning the approval of his mom and Whitney, one of my best friends, Bret bought the ring and was waiting for the perfect moment. He made the trip across town and asked my parents for their blessing and they happily answered "YES!." They were so excited and happy to have Bret as a son!

While Bret had planned on waiting another week or two, he found the ring to be burning a hole in his pocket and overcome with fear that I would discover the surprise...which led to a few sleepless nights trying to dream of the perfect proposal. During the day of Halloween 2009, Bret had suggested carving some pumpkins, hoping to carve "marry me" into his, only to be revealed at the end. However, I decided it would be too messy and that we didn't have the proper carving utensils (lame, I know!).

So onto plan #2! After passing out candy to many trick-or-treaters and running out of candy, I was changing before we left to meet up with some friends. Bret began to ring the doorbell with Jake, who happened to be dressed as the cutest doggy-squirrel. I answered the door laughing, wondering what in the world the two of them could be up to. Bret said, "Jake has something to ask you. There is a note in his collar." I found the note tucked into his collar and opened it..."Mom, do you want a trick or a treat?" I answered, "A treat!" Bret had got down on one knee, with his hand and voice shaking, asking, "Will you marry me?", followed by many other sweet things! It was absolutely perfect :)

 Wedding day:
 Bret and I had lots of time to plan our special day, as we were engaged for almost two years before we tied the knot. It was so nice to have time to research vendors and get all the details ironed out. Besides, I loved being engaged because it was such a fun time! I also really enjoyed the planning process and used for ideas and organization. For us, we tried to create a classic, warm, romantic wedding with a touch of vintage that could be done on a budget. Bret and I were both blessed with super organized moms that love to plan, so they were a huge help in the planning process as well. Photography was the most important to us because after the day was over, we wanted to have beautiful pictures to look back on. Jaclyn did not disappoint! Family and friends were also a huge part of our wedding! They all played such an important role, whether it was helping with planning and set-up, taking part in the ceremony, or being in the wedding party. We were so grateful to all of them!

When I look back on our wedding day, it really was the best day of my life! If I could relive our wedding day everyday, I absolutely would. It was filled with such warm and loving moments and lots of laughter. When I look back now and think of our day, it immediately puts a smile on my face. Everything worked out perfectly and it exceeded my expectations. I know that our fairytale was possible due to our wonderful family, friends, and vendors! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

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