Monday, January 4, 2016

Tips for Tackling The Wichita Bridal Show! 2016

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples! This coming weekend on the 9th and 10th of January, is The Wichita Bridal Show located at Century II. Attending a bridal show can be most helpful in planning your wedding. They are exciting, festive and full of terrific ideas. You will be able to meet and ask questions from many wedding professionals all under one roof. You will want to gather information, compare prices and services, receive discounts, register for prizes, see the latest fashions, get great new ideas and simply just have fun.  The bridal shows are big so go early. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 or 5 hours in order to see all the exhibits. Don't be in a rush to get through! When you first walk into the show it can be very overwhelming, daunting and stressful. I have come up with some tips for the year 2016 that will help you have a productive, enjoyable time!

1. The most important and also the most obvious would be solidifying a wedding date before you go so that as you are talking to vendors you will be able to see if your specific date is even available.

2. Before you go to the show, make a list of the different vendors you need to get information on and some keys questions you have for each one. Some of the the vendors to consider: venue, catering, florist, cake, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artists. Here are a few questions to ask the vendors as well: How many years experience do they have? What sets that particular company apart from others that do the same thing? What is their basic pricing?

3. Before you start talking to any of the vendors, take a stroll around the show. Sample cake, look at decor, take brochures, watch the runway shows, etc. Take it all in so you see what all is available and are not overwhelmed by getting it all figured out in one instant. After you have been able to look around you are able to better understand your needs and wants and will be able to communicate that better when you talk to each of the vendors.

4. Start a conversation with the people at the booths. Don't be shy. You will know right away if they are someone you would want to work with in planning for your special day. It is very important that you get a long and click with the vendors you choose. 

5. Wedding shows are not supposed to be stressful or overwhelming. There is so much to see and so many vendors. Taking your time to view each exhibit will help reduce the stress. Remember wedding planning is preferably done over time, not in one day. It's one decision at a time.

6. Bring a small notebook and pen. You never know what tips or ideas you'll discover and want to write down. It will also be hard to remember which vendor told you what. 

7. Some vendors offer drawings for prizes. To make this a speedy process, bring address labels to save time in filling out registration blanks.

8. Material swatches that suggest the colors of your wedding are helpful when speaking with florists, bakers, gown shops and other professionals. Know the size of your wedding party, your color scheme, and the location of your reception facility if you have already booked your venue. You may also want to bring pictures of some of the things you have seen that you like for decor to show to the different vendors as well so they have a good understanding of your vision.

9. Have a couple of people attend the show with you so that you have more eyes to see and ears to hear all the things you will be taking in.

10. A lot of vendors give discounts at the show. Take advantage of this if you are able to.

11. Ask lots of questions. The show is filled with wedding professionals, and while you're there you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as you can. These vendors want to impress you with their knowledge of their particular specialty...take advantage of it!!!

12. Be confident in what you need and stick to your budget, but also stay true to your tastes, style, personality, so that there are no regrets later on. This is a day in your life that is like no other, you want it to be perfect, so go with your gut!

13. Don't forget the reason you are even there! It is easy to get lost in the details and forget that you are marrying your best friends. Get excited but don't forget to prepare for 24 years and not just for the 24 hours! 


  1. This is a fantastic post about the upcoming Bridal Show. I will definitely attend that event. You are right that attending a bridal show can be helpful in planning the wedding ceremony. I am engaged and getting married by the end of this year at one of wedding venues NYC. So, will definitely attend this show for wedding inspirations.