Thursday, April 16, 2015

Venues in Wichita and Surrounding areas!

We took a vacation from our blog series last week, but we are back and close to the end of the series! We have been able to feature several vendors and past brides who have talked about some of the important elements that go into the planning of a wedding celebration.

Although many have already chosen their venues, we have fall brides, 2016 brides and companies trying to determine the best venue for their celebration. We thought we would compile a list of venues in Wichita and the surrounding areas that could host your party.

The list is written in no particular order, but will hopefully give you more options to think of while you are choosing the best one for you! Make sure you read to the bottom to read tips on choosing a venue.

1. Bartlett Arboretum-south of Wichita
2. Botanica-Downtown Wichita
3. Plymouth Congregational-College Hill in Wichita
4. Pathway Church-West Wichita
5. Central Christian Church-East Wichita
6. Cathedral-Downtown Wichita

Reception Venues: 
1. Villa Luna-West Wichita
2. The Ville-Andover
3. Skyline Venue-Downtown Wichita
4. The Lux-Downtown Wichita
5. Venue 3130-west of downtown Wichita
6. Loft 420-Downtown Wichita
7. Museum of World Treasures-Downtown Wichita
8. The Point Event Center-Augusta, Kansas

Ceremony and Reception Venues:
1. Abode Venue-Downtown Wichita
2. Wichita Art Museum-Downtown Wichita
3. Botanica-Downtown Wichita
4. The Boathouse-Downtown Wichita
5. Noah's-East Wichita
6. Exploration Place-Downtown Wichita
7. Cowtown-Downtown Wichita
8. Illusion Studios-Derby
9. Event Center-Kansas Star Casino
10. Tanganyika-Goddard

Country Venues:
1. Fidelis Events-Near Eldorado
2. Prairie Pines-West Wichita
3. Eberly Farms-West Wichita
4. Fulton Valley Farms-Near Towanda
5. Redbud Party Barn-Douglas, Kansas
6. Stonehill Barn-Maize, Kansas
7. Gracehill Winery-Whitewater, Kansas

Hotel Venues: 
1. Hyatt Regency-Downtown Wichita
2. Ambassador Hotel-Downtown Wichita
3. Hotel Old Town-Downtown Wichita
4. Homewood Suites-East Wichita

Rehearsal Dinner locations:(50-100 guests)
1. Ya Ya's-East Wichita
2. Larkspur-Downtown Wichita
3. Newport Grill-East Wichita
4. Ambassador Hotel-Downtown Wichita
5. Loft 420-Downtown Wichita
6. Villa Luna-West Wichita
7. Corporate Caterers-East Wichita
8. Event Center-Kansas Start Casino-Mulvane
9. Hereford House-East Wichita

Here are 5 key things to look for when choosing a venue:
1. Clear communication with event venue coordinator
2. How many people can the venue accommodate?
3. What are the rules on decorations allowed or not allowed
4. If the venue can accommodate multiple events in one night, how does the effect your event?
5. What do the reviews say?

here is a great link to more important questions to ask! click here

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  1. This really is a great amount of different venues that could be for different occasions. I personally think that being able to have a few places that are able to house 50 plus people would be amazing for any occasion. Hopefully this will help those who are now looking to have a wedding or birthday. Thank you for sharing.