Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We are excited to team up with, this week to inspire our brides, clients and EBA fans. The goal is not to be the skinniest, or most fit person out there, but rather, to promote a healthy lifestyle that will make your quality of life much better!
Guest Blog post by Shannon Dykman, Owner of
 Every woman dreams of her wedding day and goes through great lengths to have the perfect dress, venue, man and a body to match. I'm sure you just chuckled or mumbled to yourself "perfect body--I'll never have that". Keep reading, this is where we introduce you to a new business called Yes, the name has .com added to it but it's not just an Internet based business--they have a physical location in Wichita, too. teaches lifestyle transformations to match that perfect day with that perfect someone.  Not only do they transform individuals, they offer couples programs.  Planning your wedding and balancing daily life can be stressful in itself, let alone trying to figure out the best nutrition and workout plan to squeeze into that sexy white dress you bought a few sizes too small in hopes to motivate you to get in shape for that sunny honeymoon beach vacation.  So, there you have it--the secret to the perfect body is visiting with Kalene Smith and Shannon Dykman who own and operate  Yes, that is them below--they mean business but they help all walks of life, not the just the fitness junkies like you might first guess from their pictures.  They are all about inspiring others to transform their lifestyles and they both have interesting backgrounds that led them into their current business.

Like we mentioned before, is unique in the fact that they offer their lifestyle transformations through online and 1-on-1 programs.  Each program is centered around teaching the client(s) about nutrition for their body type, the importance of resistance training, and how much cardio they should be doing.  Whether its weight loss, muscle building/toning, athletic endurance, competition preparation, or you just need some motivation or help with that "food stuff", they will coach you to your goal every step of the way.  No more fad diets, magic pils, secret detoxes, or packaged and overpriced shakes, they will teach you about the lifestyle--and their clients are seeing impressive results!
You can visit their new private personal training studio in North East Wichita near K-96 and Greenwich at 11110 E 26th St N Suite 600 but make sure you contact them first as they operate their business by appointments only.  Their website also has a wealth of information ranging from tasty recipes to educational videos.  Their moto is "It's go time!" so check them out and be ready for motivation, inspiration, and a wealth of education.  Their lifestyle transformation programs typically last 12-16 weeks with 1-on-1 programs including 2-4 visits per week.  To schedule a consultation or to find out more information about transforming your lifestyle for your perfect wedding day you can send an email to Kalene and Shannon at

Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel for workout tips, healthy recipes, motivation, and endless support from the GoTime Team of clients.

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