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"Forever" Friday---Matt and Elizabeth Hadsall--"His" Side of the Story

Matt's Side of their "LOVE Story!"

Growing up, some of my fondest memories are from the Youth Group at Olivet Baptist Church, and it was there where I can first remember a beautiful girl named Elizabeth Stevenson. Elizabeth was a couple of years older and way more pretty/popular than me, so my insecurities never allowed for me to get to know her. She actually never even knew I existed (as proven when looking at old youth trip photos, and her saying “You were there?!?!?!?!).
In the summer of 2009 I joined Olivet’s co-ed softball team, (who made the Bad-news-bears look like the Boston Red Sox) and there again was Elizabeth. It was on the softball diamond that my interest in this beautiful girl really began. She was so much fun to be around, even when we were losing, ALL THE TIME (which is not something I do well). Around the same time as softball started a young adult community group had began meeting at my house every Thursday night, and Elizabeth was a regular face there, so I was quickly seeing more and more of her. Being the reserved insecure man that I was though, I pushed aside the ever growing attraction I had for this girl, knowing full well that she was WAY out of my league.

I was able to keep my feelings subdued until one Thursday night, when Elizabeth rushed into my house, sprinted over, and sat down next to me. She then said, “ I have something to ask you! But I am only 95% sure that it will happen! So do you want me to tell you now, or wait until I am 100% sure?” Knowing that I needed to play it cool I told her she could wait until she knew for sure. This however, was not the answer she desired, so she then replied, "Well I'm going to tell you anyway! I am probably getting two tickets to go see Taylor Swift, and do you know who I want to take as my guest??? YOU!!!!" I could have passed out right there, not because of Taylor, but because I was going to get to spend an evening with the girl I had been crushing on! Again, I knew I had to play it cool, so I non-chalantly said, “Yea, I’ll go.”
After receiving the invite to the concert I could subdue my feelings no longer. In my time of accountability with my dear friend Kamunge I confessed to him my interest in Elizabeth. I also expressed to him the fear I had in actually asking her out, because she was so far out of my league. Who was I to ask Elizabeth Stevenson out on a date?? Kamunge did what he could to help me out. He started inviting Elizabeth to join us for our workouts on the weekends. The more time I spent around her, the stronger and stronger my feelings began to grow.

Soon after all of this, I began the process of getting my first tattoo. I explained it in full detail to Elizabeth and made her a part of the whole process. So when the day finally came she sent me a text message saying that she would come hold my hand if I needed. As badly as I wanted her to do that very thing I AGAIN played it cool, and told her I would be ok. That night after the tattoo was complete, she came by my house to see the finished product and hung out for awhile. So tattoo in place but still not enough courage to express my feelings. You have to understand the meaning behind the tattoo to understand how much this started to eat at me. I had gotten a tattoo of a rhino on my side, symbolizing my walk with Christ. You may not be seeing the connection here, but allow me to explain. A group of Rhino's is known as a "Crash" and this is because a rhino can run at speeds up to 35mph but can only see 30 feet in front of them. This is how I strive to live, as a Crash. Trusting that even though I can't see the road a head of me, God can, and he will be my eyes. I was for that reason growing upset with myself for not trusting in the Lord and whatever he had in store for pursuing Elizabeth. My talks with Kamunge began centering on this very topic, until he as my accountability called me out, and convinced me to go for it!

One Sunday night after leaving a game-night at Elizabeth’s apartment, I had made up my mind. It was time for me to take a leap and ask her out, but it didn't happen there. I didn’t sleep much the whole night, and arrived to work earlier than normal. Sitting in my truck I got on facebook, typed up a message, but couldn’t get myself to push send. So I did the only thing I knew to do, popped in the Taylor Swift CD, turned on the song Fearless, and mustered up enough courage to hit the button. Now all I had to do was wait.

The next 3 hours were the longest hours of my life. But right before morning break she sent an answer. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but it wasn’t a no so there was still hope. She told me that she wanted to pray about it, which was something I myself had been doing for quite a period of time, so it was only right to allow her the same oppurtunity.
A few days later we both attended a friend, Keith Talbert's birthday party. We spent the evening pretty close to each other so I was feeling pretty good. When the night was over, I went with Elizabeth to drop our Keith off at home. Once he was home she gave me my answer, and it was YES! I’m sure that the big goofy smile on my face would have been a pretty funny sight.
Only a few months into dating Elizabeth I knew that she was the woman God had made for me. About 8 months in our relationship I started looking for a ring. I can remember one Friday evening, we had gone to dinner, and the jeweler called to let me know some diamonds had come in for me to check out. I didn't really give her much of an explanation, other than I had to go do "something" I'm sure she was probably suspicious of what I was doing. I ended up picking a diamond for her ring that night.
On a Thursday in the beginning of February, I called Rick (Elizabeth’s Dad) and asked if I could come and talk with him and Tammy. That night I asked for their blessing to ask their daughter to marry me. I was so relieved when they said yes! After leaving their house, I put in a call to Elizabeth’s sister Emilee, and asked for her blessing as well. She too said yes!
The next day I went and picked up the ring and called the one last person I needed to talk with, Brooke Johnson, one of Elizabeth's closest friends. She was away from the house when I called her, but told me she would call me when she got home so I could come speak with her. Knowing that Elizabeth might find it a little odd for Brooke to be calling me, I changed her name in my phone from Brooke Johnson, to Mikey D. I let Elizabeth know that I was expecting a phone call from a co-worker who needed help moving a couch, so when he called I would be gone for a bit. Shortly after Brooke called, which Elizabeth saw as Mikey D on my caller ID (genius I know), and I went to her house and asked for her blessing as well. She, like Elizabeth's Parents and Sister, said yes.

The next day at Sunday school I let Elizabeth know that I had to take a coworker to the airport. Little did she know, I was leaving to set up the proposal. I went to her apartment, set everything up and nervously awaited her arrival. When she finally got to her back porch and it was time, I lost it! Tears of joy rolling down my face I was able to finally tell her I loved her, and asked her to marry me. I had always told Elizabeth that I would never tell her I loved her, unless the next words out of my mouth were will you marry me. So the moment had come, and she said yes!
Engagement and wedding photos taken by: Tim Davis Photography

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  1. Wow!!! What an amazing story! Brings chills and tears to me:)