Sunday, October 16, 2011

Xpress Spray Tan $50 gift Certicate Give-Away!

Owner of Xpress Spray Tan-Crystal Lathrop

Crystal started Xpress spray tan about a year ago in hopes of inspiring people to be health conscience while still obtaining a gorgeous tan. Xpress Spray tan has allowed women to feel confident and beautiful without the fears of skin cancer or health issues that can occur by too much sun, or tanning beds. Another perk...a little spray tanning magically takes off pounds!:)

Spray tanning is the newest phase in the application of self-tanning products. The bronzers made today are very natural looking and are completely harmless. These solutions include DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which works by reacting with the keratin protein in the top (or dead) layer of your skin. The solution is applied with the use of a low-pressure airbrush gun by a technician, which allows for an even coverage compared to a booth application. The fine mist from the airbrush ensures a perfectly even application to the skins surface and as there is no rubbing or overspray from an automated booth setting, it avoids streaking, orange palms and dirty looking knees and elbows. Is Spray Tanning Safe?
Yes! We use only best, highest quality tools and productsw found in the industry. All of the ingredients in the solutions have been through extensive testing and are FDA approved. The ingredients inour solutions will give you a tan without the risk of wrinkles, skin damage or skin cancer. 

Xpress offers different packages with prices that are affordable. Make it a special event and invite your friends in for a spray tanning party or book it for your wedding party. The host is free and each guest is only $15! Make it fun and BYOB and snacks. So book your spray party with Xpress soon! 
Some of Xpress Spray Tan Clients tanned and feeling great!

Xpress is giving away a $50 gift certificate! The winner will be announced on Friday! Perfect timing with winter around the corner and the need for some color during some drury months.

Just a few things we ask:

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Comment on this blog post why you think you should win!

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  1. I think i should win because I actually use Xpress to get spray tanned and this would save me a lot of money. I mean come on, we are in a recession people! Surely you can appreciate that :)