Monday, October 24, 2011

Events By Ashley Give Away!!

These earrings were made from repurposed fabric in India to help support women who live there. This handmade, eco-friendly earring set was purchased in hopes of providing food and water for the person who made them and her family. At Events By Ashley, our goal is to not only help put on amazing events, and weddings, but to give back to our own community and communities around the world. Once a week we will feature one item from different countries and cultures that have been made by the people who live there to encourage them and help them provide for their families! Pass this on to your friends and lets make a difference together!!

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Last weeks winner of the $50 gift card from Xpress Spray Tan is Kelsi Cole!


  1. i am passionate about love146 (to eradicate sex traffiking)

  2. i follow your blog (i think!)

  3. and I am passionate about the Republican Party.

    Kidding :) - right now, we are supporting people we know who are adopting. That's something we're excited about. I helped with international adoptions in my former job, and know too many women who are unable to conceive, so its something that is very strong on my heart.

  4. For more than 30 years we have supported World Impact and their missionaries, who live and work and share Jesus' love in in several inner city areas in the U.S., including Wichita.

  5. I follow you on Facebook and I follow your blogs!

    I am passionate about supporting our local church missionaries that go to places all around the world spreading the Gospel with others. They are willing to go to places like Uganda, New Zealand, The Pillipines, and so many other countries. I am thankful they are there to spread the Good News.

  6. Kids Across their work:):) They do the ministry with intention and of course, alot of heart for Him!!