Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding Favors

When brides think of wedding favors, they think of initialed candies, and personalized trinkets. The cost of all these favors can add up very quickly! I have taken some time to research and think of some alternatives that will still wow and appropriately thank your guests for coming to your celebration in several different price ranges.

Favor Alternatives:
Do you and your fiance have an organization that is dear to your heart? If so, consider making a donation on behalf of all your wedding guests to that particular organization. You can decided how you want to do this. Some will take a percentage of the money they were given as gifts, and use that as the money they donate. Maybe you just decide on a particular amount and give that on behalf of your guests.

Instead of a box or tin of candy at each place setting, design a candy table where your guests can go and fill a sack of their favorite candy. You can do candies in your wedding color palettes or just pick your favorites as a couple. Makes a fun date night to go and pick all the special candies for your special day.

Perhaps you want to make it a little more personal. You can find very inexpensive small frames, then order wallet size photos of your engagement pictures, and place at each setting.

Hopefully this gives you a place to start!

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